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Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting
Senior & Recuperating Canines
Exercise is essential for maintaining pet fitness and health. Senior dogs, and those recuperating from medical care (e.g., spay or neutering) should resume exercise slowly, and avoid the hottest times of the day. You and your vet should determine whether your pet is in shape for an activity you've chosen, to ensure it won't exceed limitations. Based upon your pet's status, and vet's recommendations, HappyPets© will provide a 'ramp-up' excercise program, tailored to your pet's needs. For example, we begin with leashed dog walks for 10 minutes per day. After a week, walks can be increased to 15 minutes, and then (depending on your dog's or puppy's condition) increased to 30 minutes a day. Each excercise session is followed by a monitored 'cool-down' period, where we observe your pet, provide fresh water, and lots of petting.

Sound good? Check with your veterinarian to be sure excercise plans are suited to your pet's physical condition. Then call HappyPets© at (352) 373-0898; we'll help your pet regain strength through gradual excercise, at its own pace.


Lifestyle Changes -
New Puppy, Kitten, and/or Infant In Your Home?
When new residents arrive, animals often exhibit behavior changes, especially while their owners are away. Some pets react to new babies with jealousy and become rambunctious, looking to regain your attention. Puppies or dogs left alone can develop separation anxiety, often resulting in barking, howling, soiled rugs, and destructive habits (chewing, digging, etc). Cats also express anxiety by shredding, 'missing' the litterbox, and vomiting. Fortunately, many pets just need reassurance and time to adjust. Call HappyPets© at (352) 373-0898; we want to help ensure your pet's well-being.

Did Your Pet Lose A Long-time Companion?
If so, it may be lonely, anxious, and missing its friend. HappyPets© provides special attention, playtime, and lots of TLC to reassure your pet. We are dedicated to helping reduce your pet's stress and boredom.

Nutrition Tips For Older Pets
Seniors are more likely to be overweight than younger pets, due to decreased activity, overfeeding, and reduced dietary needs. Weight loss treatment for older pets includes limiting calories, feeding two or three small meals daily (rather than one large meal), and increasing exercise. Choosing a specially formulated pet food also helps provide the proper balance of protein, fat, calories, vitamins and minerals.

Let HappyPets© help monitor and record your pet's food, water, and medicine intake, to get it back on the road to good health!

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